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The Constituencies Development Fund was created by the Constituencies Development Fund Act, 2003 with the primary objective of addressing poverty at grassroots level by dedicating a minimum of 2.5% of the Government ordinary revenue to grassroots development and the reduction of poverty. The fund is managed by the Constituencies Development Fund Board (CDFB).

In January 2013, the CDF Act 2003 (as amended in 2007) was repealed and replaced with CDF Act 2013 that is aligned to the constitution of Kenya 2010. The enactment of the CDF Act 2013 was mainly aimed to ensure that the law governing CDF is aligned to the Constitution of Kenya 2010, specifically in compliance with the principles of:

  • Transparency and accountability,
  • Separation of powers; and
  • Participation of the people.
  • The new law was also aimed to align the operations of the Fund to the new devolved government structure.
  1. Background
  2. CDF Allocations
  3. Project Proposal 2014-2015
In the year 2003 CDF (Constituency Development Fund) was established by an act of parliament in Kenya. It is administered by a 15 member committee at the constituency level. Eight years after commencement of CDF, its organization and Distribution. The aim of the CDF funds is to propel Westlands as a force in trade and commerce, higher education, agriculture, Infrastructure, technology, and virtually every other aspect of human creativity to foster growth and development. A strategy that encompasses transformation of Westlands Constituency, Better education; Vibrant health systems; extensive physical infrastructure; robust public service; Sustainable peace, security and the rule of law; affirmative action for the marginalized Citizens such as youth and women; integrity in the management of public assets; and Protection of natural resources
2003/2004 6,000,000
2004/2005 21,079,433
2005/2006 27,261,656
2006/2007 37,766,009
2007/2008 37,999,272
2008/2009 37,999,272
2009/2010 46,386,577
2010/2011 52,077,572
2011/2012 63,758,452
2012/2013 79,222,107
2013/2014 65,005,250
2014/2015 92,531,090
TOTAL ALLOCATION   567,086,690
Project NameProject #ActivityAmount
Employees Salaries 4-047-274-2110000-100-2014/15-001 Payment of staff salaries & gratuity 1,600,000.00
Goods and Services 4-047-274-2210000-100-2014/15-002 Repairs and maintenance, printing, stationeries, telephone, travel and subsistence, office tea, etc. 2,141,867.40
NSSF 4-047-274-2120500-100-2014/15-003 Payment of NSSF Deductions 50,000.00
NHIF 4-047-274-2120200-100-2014/15-004 Payment of NSSF Deductions 50,000.00
Committee Expenses 4-047-274-2210802-100-2014/15-00 Payment of Committee sitting allowances, transport, conferences1,710,000.00
Goods and Services 4-047-274-2210000-111-2014/15-004 Telephone, travel and subsistence, 507,932.70
Committee Expenses 4-047-274-2210802-111-2014/15-002 Payment of Committee sitting allowances, transport, conferences, travel and subsistence. 1,368,000.00
"CDFC /PMCs and CDFC Staff Capacity Building"4-047-274-2210700-111-2014/15-003Undertake Training of the CDFCs on CDF Related issues900,000.00
Constituency Audit 4-047-274-2211310-108-2014/15-001 Constituency Audit 500,000.00
Emergency 4-047-274-2640200-101-2014/15-001To cater for any unforeseen occurrences in the constituency during the financial year 5,400,259.00
Sports Tournament 4-047-274- 2640100-112-2014/15-001 Paying League fees for sports teams to national bodies and Carry out Constituency Sports tournament 1,850,621.80
Constituency Environmental4-047-274-2640510-110-201/15-002Planting trees in Kangemi, vet lab, Chelata, Kihumbuini, pry school and Highridge sec sch 925,308.90
"Environmental Activities Environment"4-047-274-2640510-110-201/15-002Purchase of cleanup tools and equipment for cleanup in Clean up of Kangemi, Chelata, and Westlands markets925,310.90
Bursary Secondary Schools4-047-274-2640101-103-2014/15-001Payment of bursary to needy student4,500,000.00
Bursary Tertiary/universities4-047-274-2640102-103-2014/15-002Payment of bursary to needy student4,000,000.00
Mocks/CAT’S4-047-274-2640101-103-2014/15-004Printing and distribution of Mocks and CATs1,500,000.00
Vet lab Primary school 4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-001"Rehabilitation of Classes (painting, replacement of ceiling boards, broken tiles, window panes, floors Kshs 7,000,000 and purchase of 200 desks and chairs Kshs 1,000,000 Inclusive of conditional grant from MOE)"8,000,000.00
Kihumbuini primary schools4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-002"Rehabilitation of Classes (painting, replacement of ceiling boards, broken tiles, window panes, floors Kshs 2,500,000 and purchase of 100 desks and chairs Kshs 500,000"3,500,000.00
Loresho primary schools 4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-003"Rehabilitation of Classes (painting, replacement of ceiling boards, broken tiles, window panes, floors Kshs 1,500,000 and purchase of 100 desks and chairs Kshs 500,000"2,000,000.00
Kangemi primary schools4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-004"Rehabilitation of Classes (painting, replacement of ceiling boards, broken tiles, window panes, floors Kshs 1,500,000 and purchase of 100 desks and chairs Kshs 500,000"2,000,000.00
Aghakan primary schools4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-005"Rehabilitation of Classes (painting, replacement of ceiling boards, broken tiles, window panes, floors Kshs 1,500,000 and purchase of 100 desks and chairs Kshs 500,000"2,000,000.00
Hospital Hill primary schools4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-006Construction of library5,500,000.00
Vet lab Primary school4-047-274-2630204-104-2014/15-007 Construction of a kitchen4,000,000.00
Highridge Secondary school4-047-274-2630205-104-2014/15-001 Construction of a dormitory12,000,000.00
Kangemi Health Centre 4-047-274-2630206-105-2014/15-001 wiring of the maternity and installation of doors and drainage 2,500,000.00
Githogoro water project 4-047-274-2640506-105-2014/15-001 installation of water pipes to distribute water and metering 1,500,000.00
Kangemi Do’s camp4-047-274-2640507-108-2014/15-001 Construction of 5 AP houses 4,000,000.00
CDF office4-047-274-31110104-104-2014/15-001 Construction of CDF office 3,000,000.00
Furnishing of CDF office4-047-274-31110001-104-2014/15-001 Purchase of meeting 2 no 100 seater tent plus chairs and 1no executive tent and chairs and a table. Purchase and fixing of office PVC tiles and new furniture 2,101,789.30
Stage sheds4-047-274-2640511-104-2014/15-001 Installation of fabricated pedestrian and commuter sheds at Ngecha road Keroka Kangemi, Runda Limuru road, Githogoro and N market 2,500,000.00
Total 82,531,090.00