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Clear Confusion on JSS, MP Wanyonyi Tells Education CS Machogu

The government has been challenged to clearly explain to Kenyans the current education format following the introduction of Junior Secondary School (JSS).

Most Kenyans have been thrown into a state of confusion not knowing how the format is working at JSS level and Form One level.

This confusion has made Westlands Member of Parliament to call on the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu to clearly and precisely explain the difference between Junior Secondary School and Form One to parents who seem confused.

He spoke as some parents were said to be registering their children for Kenya Certificate of Primary School (KCPE) instead of admitting them to JSS.

“It is still not very clear about this JSS matter. We want the government, the Education CS to come out and explain how we should progress with this system,” Mr Wanyonyi said.

“We want it to be clear that the system does not interfere and create confusion with the current education system in the country,” he added.

Those in Grade 8 (Standard 8) will be doing their KCPE at the end of the year while those in Grade 7 are being admitted into JSS under the current CBC system.

The MP was speaking on Wednesday February 15 in Kitisuru, Lower Kabete during a bursary application and form issuance exercise.

Mr Wanyonyi said that Parliament is ready to receive a report by the education taskforce appointed by President William Ruto so that MPs can review, analyse and give their recommendations.

“We will come out with a clear way of how we can set up this education system for our children,” he noted.

At the same time, he challenged the government to assure parents if the free primary and secondary education programme is still in place.

He wants the Education CS to stamp his authority over directives he issued on school fees charges in schools noting that some schools are said to be still asking parents to pay.

The CS, he said, should also ensure that all monies supposed to be allocated to learning institutions are released and disbursed in good time to ensure that school activities are running without hitches.

“Right now, the government has not openly confirmed if free education is still ongoing. We want them to continue assuring us they are still supporting schools,” he said.

“The CS cannot tell parents not to pay school fees yet the government is not releasing the money to schools. When they say don’t pay, they must release the money,” he added.


Earlier, the MP had called for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation to be increased to meet the needs of the electorate.

Speaking on Wednesday in Kitisuru, the MP said the CDF is very crucial and should be strengthened instead of being scrapped.

“As MPs, we are trying to have the CDF allocation increased so that when we give out bursary money, we can at least have a substantive amount,” he said.

He said this decision is because the money allocated every year is almost the same hence not enough to benefit the people.

He told off a section of proponents who want the kitty scrapped saying the money is not meant for any MP but for the benefit of parents and their school going children.

“CDF is money meant for the people not myself as MP but I will fight for it in Parliament so that it can help more people. If we get good money, and the motion is still in Parliament, and we know it will pass, lets pray to God that next year we get good money so that we give a good amount and to many beneficiaries,” he said.

The MP has been leading application and issuance of bursaries in his constituency in a bid to help deserving students get funding.

At the same time, he assured the residents that his programme of sponsoring the best female and male student in every school is still on. The threshold remains 400 marks.

“We do not want our children to end up on the streets. We don’t want our children to suffer and lost. We want our children to be prepared properly so that they can take over from us when our time comes,” he said.


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