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Westlands Constituency Notices

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 24 March 2015 06:03
  • Written by 

Westlands Constituency Notices

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  1. Background
In the year 2003 CDF (Constituency Development Fund) was established by an act of parliament in Kenya. It is administered by a 15 member committee at the constituency level. Eight years after commencement of CDF, its organization and Distribution. The aim of the CDF funds is to propel Westlands as a force in trade and commerce, higher education, agriculture, Infrastructure, technology, and virtually every other aspect of human creativity to foster growth and development. A strategy that encompasses transformation of Westlands Constituency, Better education; Vibrant health systems; extensive physical infrastructure; robust public service; Sustainable peace, security and the rule of law; affirmative action for the marginalized Citizens such as youth and women; integrity in the management of public assets; and Protection of natural resources