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CDF Allocations

  • CDF was established through the Constituencies Development Fund Act, 2003 as amended in 2007 with the goal of fighting poverty at the grassroots level.To achieve this goal the CDF ensures that constituencies receive 2.5% of the Government annual ordinary revenue, besides monies to be received from other sources by the CDF Board.The CDF fund was first distributed equally among the 210 constituencies butsince 2004 the central government has committed to use an allocation formula to distribute the development funds such that the government may not renege its obligation as happened in previous decentralization programs.
  • This formula also aims to provide a fairly uniform fund to each constituency,but some allowance is made for poverty levels, such that the poorest constituencies receive slightly more resources.According to the CDF Act this formula estimates that 75% of the net available fund is distributed equally among all 210 constituencies,whilst 25%of the net available fund is distributed according to a weighted value of the constituency’s contribution to national poverty.The weighting factor applied to the constituency contribution to poverty is the ratio of urban-rural poor population derived from the 1999 population and housing census. This weight favours rural areas by a factor of 0.23 to urban areas.The net available CDF fund is the total CDF allocation after netting out 3% for an administrative budget and 5%for also called constituency emergency budget.
  • In total, the government allocated Ksh.1.3B to the CDF fund for the financial year 2003/4 followed by Ksh.5.4 Billion in 2004/5, Ksh.7 Billion in 2005/6,Ksh.9.7 Billion in the year previous to the elections, that is 2006 /7,Ksh.9.8 Billion to the newly elected parliament in 2007/8,Ksh.9.8 Billion in 2008/9, Ksh.12Billion 2009/10, Ksh.13.9 Billion in 2010/2011 and Ksh.17 Billion in financial year 2011/2012 and another Ksh.17.1 Million allocated per constituency to complete stalled / ongoing projects. CDF was a noble idea whose effects have been felt at the grassroots level in every corner of Kenya but has been bedeviled by myriad problems largely due to weak legislation,institutional and oversight mechanisms coupled with lack of information by citizens.
  • A total of Kshs. 266,569,791 has been allocated to Westlands constituency since 2003/04.
Constituency 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 Total
Westlands 6,000,000 21,079,433 27,261,656 37,766,009 37,999,272 37,999,272 46,386,577 52,077,572 266,569,791


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  1. Uwezo Fund Committee
Sub- County Commissioner or Representative - Member
Sub-County Development Officer or Representative - Member
Sub-County Accountant - Member
National Government Rep - Ministry Responsible for Youth and Women - Secretary
CDF Fund Account Manager - Ex-Officio
Tabitha Maina - Member
Peter Wainaima - Member
Kenneth Kihara - Member
Wilson Anyangu - Member
Gladys Vihenda - Member
Ednah Moraa Ratemo - Member
Joseph Wanyonyi  Omunyonga - Member
Lilian Atieno Ngoge - Member